Oct 10, 2017



  • A search that goes beyond a furniture collection, moving towards innovative solutions. Three hundred pages of creativity, ideas and innovations for free spirits who love to create harmonious, exclusive environments. We have recently released our catalogue and its “feel” at a special event in the prestigious surroundings of a period villa, with interior designers, CEOs and sales managers in attendance.

    The Modo 10 Domino Collection catalogue represents a new way of living and being in the home. Values such as love, passion, dreams, pleasure and family come together in images of a home environment, the centre of affections, curated and designed to bring meaning and continuity to your world. The images throughout the catalogue clearly show a philosophy of life based on purity of space, with a definite, strong style, bringing out the personality of its inhabitants through a refined simplicity. Customisation of any room, for day or night, is made possible by a compositional system truly rich in solutions and options.

    Domino is designed and constructed entirely in solid Canaletto walnut in Havana, Chalk White and Elm, distinguished by a special grain, producing amazing effects on surfaces just embellished with delicate decorative touches. The minimal design style of the doors joins a synthesis of original signs reminiscent of Art Deco. The wood is offered au naturel or in nuanced shades, combined with a selection of colours, all designed with the utmost care to enhance the design. As supporting acts to wood – the star of the show – come velvet, linen and leather fabrics in refined colour combinations, all selected to create strong cohesion and great consistency of style.

  • The collection is designed for bespoke spaces, based on a wide range of multi-purpose containers, combined with distinctive sculptural elements. All the options for walls result in a living room customised down to the finest details. A flexible system, in which fantastic, functional, essential and creative geometries can take wing.

    Modo 10 is an Italian brand, a leader in the furnishings sector, and a robust business in its area. Founded in the 1960s, Modo 10 has developed over time, and now has well-organised premises hosting the entire manufacturing process, based on skilled craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. At the same time, a village of artisans has developed around the company, contributing their professionalism to the skilful creation of unique, original works. Domino is a perfectly-balanced blend of the culture of crafts, drawing experience from centuries-old tradition and wisdom, from the purity of form and the search for original expressions, led by refined details in keeping with a style that wears its Made in Italy origins on its sleeve.