A team of professionals

  • Producing furnishings calls for research stages that involve specialist staff

    Every piece of Modo10 furniture requires in-depth research prior to production, through meetings where projects are fully discussed and nothing is left to chance. Every collection is designed and developed with the aid of latest generation technologies and produced by expert hands so as to achieve a result impeccable from every point of view.

Total Quality

One of the company’s most distinguishing features is its focus on quality at every stage of production. This approach, a flexible organisation and expertise gained over two generations represent the perfect combinations to satisfy increasingly complex market demand and to always guarantee impeccable quality excellence.


Our work is the fruit of a long complex process; it begins with a concept that gradually takes shape and is developed with expertise throughout the whole productive process, the end product seeming the result of spontaneous evolution.Two generations of hands-on experience in the furnishing industry has earned us a well-deserved reputation as experts in our sector: hands that smell of natural woods are the guarantee of craftsmanship and show the pleasure of working constantly in contact with quality materials to create new products.

Our MODO10 range is outstanding for the quality precision applied throughout production and the careful hand . Simplicity and solidity are the key words that underline the beuty of natural wood, enhancing its origanic qualities.

From the careful selection of raw materials through to the final assembly of the natural wood forniture piece. One of our guide lines is to create an individual look for each piece of forniture, and to provide a graceful, harmonious interior for those who live there. And the wood is the first inspiration for all our project.

Modo10 Universe